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Most of the wood I use in my products are native to New Hampshire, and are all personally selected by me. The wood is kiln dried to specific moisture content and must be of the highest quality to be used in any of my projects. The items crafted by the Yankee Woodsmith are unique, and some can be custom made to order.

Click on the Etsy button below to visit my Etsy store.

Etsy -- america's most loved place for all things handmade

Here are a few items I have constructed in the past. Some of these are featured in my store. 

Altars & Shrines

Meditation Benches & Stools

Clocks & Other

Be sure to check my Etsy store for available inventory.   I process all my transaction through my Esty shop.  Use the orange link to my Etsy shop.   Thanks for stopping by.

Here are some more altars/Puja tables that I have made ......

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