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The Yankee Woodsmith was founded by Ken Cayer.
Ken has the reputation for producing fine woodcrafts, ranging from the simple to more esoteric items.


Ken’s love for woodworking dates back to 1958;
he was faced with making a decision about which career path to pursue at his high school vocational facility, 
and wood shop and electronics held the most interest for him. He chose electronics and went on to make a career of it, enjoying woodworking as a hobby.


After retiring Ken turned his attention to assembling a wood working shop and pursued his interest in wood working.Ken worked for 37 years for a Fortune Five Hundred company as a Field Service Engineer. He and his wife Kaaren also owned a photographic studio specializing in high-end wedding and portrait photography.


Ken has many interests and hobbies, ranging from Ham radio, photography, cooking, gardening, hiking, wood working, Eastern Philosophy (specifically Buddhist, Chinese, Indian, Japanese), Metaphysics, Martial arts (which include Judo, Karate, mediation and Tai-Chi Chi-Chung). Ken is certified in Ushi Do Reiki and holds a First Dan Black Belt in Shoto Kan Karate.Ken’s woodcrafts reflect the training and background he has in Eastern culture.


Most of the wood used in his products are native to New Hampshire, and are all personally selected by Ken. The wood is kiln dried to specific moisture content and must be of the highest quality to be used in any of his projects. The items crafted by the Yankee Woodsmith are unique, and some can be custom made to order.

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